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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • I wish I could just ‘let go’ and enjoy myself.

  • I feel so DISCONNECTED from my body.

  • I’m rarely ‘in the mood’ anymore.

  • I just can’t stop THINKING during sex.

  • I WISH I knew what to do to please my lover.

  • I wish I knew what I liked during sex!

  • I want more emotional INTIMACY in my relationship.

As a Couples Therapist, Sexologist + Tantra Teacher, women often tell me they:

  • Can’t stop thinking during sex

  • Struggle to relax + enjoy themselves in the bedroom

  • Have lost sexual desire in a relationship

  • Want more connection + intimacy during sex

  • Wish they could orgasm more easily + more often

  • Want to know how to really enjoy sex

I get it!  I’ve been there too.

Hey love, I’m Isiah.

I never thought I would be teaching women about sex, intimacy + relationships.

  • I was once incredibly shy and uncomfortable with my body. I have a skin disease that leaves large, white patches on my skin. I felt like the ugly duckling and didn’t like anyone seeing me naked.
  • Sex was never talked about in my house. I always felt shy about it. I remember once being ridiculously embarrassed listening to my girlfriends talk about it.
  • When it came to being with a partner, I felt way too uncomfortable to ask for what I wanted. And to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. I enjoyed sex but I always felt like I was holding myself back and missing out on that ‘wow’ factor I heard my friends talk about.
  • And I once had a guy tell me to stop in the middle of a blow job because it wasn’t very good!

But my ‘intimate world’ changed dramatically for me when I discovered Tantra.

Don’t know what Tantra is?

Don’t worry, I had no idea either when I went to my first class.

Tantra is an ancient sexual-spiritual teaching made famous by Sting.

Clearly not worried about TMI, he openly shared that he can have sex for 9 hours using Tantra.

BUT let me promise that you don’t need to have sex for hours to practice Tantra.

You don’t need to be insanely flexible or want to have sex with multiple partners either (just in case you were wondering).

You don’t even need to have a partner at all.

  • Tantra is a kind of yoga and meditation (but with a LOT of added side benefits).
  • Tantra gives you tools for getting out of your head and connecting to your body.
  • Tantra helps you connect to (and increase) your sexual energy.
  • Tantra gives you tools for enjoying yourself more in the bedroom – whether you’re by yourself or with a partner.

Tantra made such a difference to my life that I became passionate about sharing it with others.

I’m now a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Tantra Teacher. I have a bunch of professional qualifications, but what’s really important is that I have a reputation for getting results.

I love helping women just like you have harmonious relationships, wholehearted intimacy and loving sex.  In Tantric Goddess, I’m sharing the very best of what I’ve learned.

You’ve seen me in:

Imagine yourself:

♥  Feeling confident enough to ask for what you want during sex

♥  Knowing different ways to give yourself (and your lover) incredible pleasure.

♥  Being able to completely ‘let go’ and fully enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

♥  Feeling totally comfortable with and loving your body

♥  Having deeper emotional intimacy in your relationships