Understanding your Erotic Archetype with Sarah Marie Liddle

You guys know me. I’m a little bit woo-woo, BUT I’m also passionate about sharing proven advice and practical tools with you. In today's episode, you’re going to get a lot of practical tools with just a little bit of woo to help you really embrace and step into your power as a sexual [...]

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Why can’t I orgasm with a partner – but I can by myself?

I'm loving Orgasm Week! As I've shared before, my new online course for women - Epic Orgasms is being released next week, so to celebrate, I’m sharing a whole week of podcasts on the female orgasm. Today, I’m answering another question sent in to me by a woman in my Facebook group. She wrote: [...]

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Secrets of a Sexually Liberated Woman

Do you ever wish you could ‘let go’ during sex and really enjoy yourself? Feel relaxed around sex? Do you want it to be fun, adventurous or more playful? Want more pleasure?In today’s episode I want to share what it is that’s helped me on my journey to becoming a sexually empowered and liberated woman. I [...]

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