Is my Vagina normal? And the disturbing trend of vagina cosmetic surgery

Over the last few weeks on Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast we’ve been talking about self-love and body image, because we know what a huge impact this can have on a woman’s confidence, mental health, her relationships and intimacy. I’m really passionate about women loving and accepting ALL of themselves and because, [...]

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Why it’s okay to love Vanilla sex

In today’s episode I’m speaking with fellow sexologist, Lauren White. And we’re talking about something near and dear to both our hearts - women giving themselves permission to be sexual as they are - rather than trying to be something that they're not.Lauren recently published her first book, Permission, that speaks to this topic.She’s here [...]

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7 fun ways to increase your chance of reaching orgasm tonight

Hey loves - and welcome the penultimate podcast of Orgasm week! Today I’m answering a final question from someone in my community. She says: I have had orgasms before. Most of the time by myself and sometimes with my partner, but the thing is, I don’t always with him. It’s really frustrating. I don’t [...]

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Sex and Body Image with Julia Hasche

Hey gorgeous, For Episode 3, I’m sharing something a little different with you. In this episode of Wholehearted, the tables are turned and I’m being interviewed by Julia Hasche of The Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast. I’ll be sharing an episode just like this each week so you get to hear me talk about [...]

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