Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Therapy, Sexology, Sex Therapy and Coaching

You’re about to make an important investment in your relationship and happiness, it’s important that you feel empowered and ready to take action.

Therapy and Coaching with me is about moving you forward with practical tools and expert advice. You’ll find me both compassionate and proactive in my approach.

In order to get you the best results possible, we address your relationship holistically, using proven, research-based methods based on my training and experience.

What kinds of problems do you help with?

As a Couples Therapist and Sexologist, I’ve been helping people with their relationships and intimacy for over a decade.

The main challenges that I help people with are:

  • Mismatched Libido
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Feeling disconnected as a couple
  • Recurring arguments and/or tension
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Lack of sexual enjoyment and pleasure
  • Low sexual confidence
  • Infidelity
  • Experiencing sexual pain
  • Single women wanting to attract a healthier relationship

I’ve helped thousands of people discover happier relationships and more loving sex. In many cases, I’ve helped save relationships that were on the brink of (or entering into) separation.

Who is Therapy and Coaching for?

Therapy and Coaching is for women and couples who:

  • Are tired of having the same recurring arguments
  • Want a harmonious, loving and lasting relationship
  • Want playful, fun, loving sex – that they look forward to
  • Are unsure if they want to stay together
  • Know they want to stay together – but aren’t sure how to do it
  • Know that in order to get change, they need to take action with practical tools and a proven strategy behind it

Therapy and Coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You want to blame your partner for the challenges you’re facing
  • You like experiencing the same challenges and arguments
  • You want to stay stuck in the same cycle of talking about it, but nothing changing
  • You’re not willing to invest time or energy in making your relationship and life happier

What if you can’t help me/us?

When we begin therapy, it’s common to feel that our problems might be beyond help. You might feel afraid of what will happen if you try to fix it and it doesn’t work.

I believe in your ability to make change.

Sometimes, it’s just about getting the right information and advice and someone to keep you moving forward. That’s where I come in.

With expensive knowledge, training and experience, I provide you with proven advice and practical resources. I’ll be your coach and your cheer squad so you never have to feel on your own.

There are very rare cases where I might refer you to someone I think can help you better, for example in cases of domestic violence.

What exactly will we do in therapy?

The exact techniques and proven strategies we use will be based on my extensive training and experience as a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Coach.

Therapy, at least with me, isn’t about focusing on the problems, or digging up issues from the past, it’s about moving you forward with practical tools and suggestions.

Will we get home work?

Absolutely! I’ll give you homework that fits your goals and needs. You’ll get proven, practical homework to help get your desired results faster.

These practical exercises have been tried and tested in over a decade of therapy and all be tailored to your individual circumstances.

We’ll always discuss this in the session to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with the homework given.

What is the investment in working with you on an on-going basis?

Working on your relationship is such a valuable investment. You get tools and skills that will last for the rest of your life, well beyond the time you spend in therapy and coaching.

Exactly what your investment will be will depend on your goals, where you’re currently at and how fast you make change. Couples typically work with me for 3-6 months. When their relationship is more complex or the challenges have been around for a while, it sometimes takes longer.

I’ll be in a position to make a recommendation on this after our first 90 minute session together.

It’s important to me that I work with people who are willing to invest in their relationship transformation and growth. I need you to believe you, your relationship and future happiness are worth it. I do.

Investment in therapy and coaching with me is in line with other experts who have the same level of training and experience. Investment in my VIP programs which include a private weekend retreat, are valued at $10,000. Regular programs begin at $159 per week.

How much time will we need to allocate for this?

How much time you allocate is up to you, your schedule and everything else you have to juggle. I understand that you have other things you need to manage in your life too.

While you will need to set aside time for your growth and relationship outside of our sessions. I’ll always aim to give you exercises for homework that fit within your time allowances.

Individuals and couples who get the best results from therapy set aside 1-2 hours per week in addition to our 90 minute sessions (which are around weekly or every second week depending on your needs).

What should I/we do to prepare for therapy and coaching?

Therapy and coaching will require a commitment of your time, energy and resources. The more committed to the process or therapy and coaching you are, the greater change you will make.

Before each session with me, you’ll receive a short questionnaire. Spend some time thinking about your answers and filling this in.

Although it can feel difficult to imagine all your goals being met now, when we focus on moving towards what we want, rather than staying focused on what we don’t want, we make change faster.

Continue to focus on what you want to gain through this process. This will also help you overcome any blocks or challenges that arise for you during the process of therapy and coaching.