Therapy is an investment for your relationship, your happiness and your future.

When considering this also ask yourself: ‘What is the likely cost of us not doing something?’ and ‘What is it worth to me to have the relationship and sex life I’m longing for?’

I’ve seen many couples on the brink of separation who choose to invest time, energy and attention in their relationship with encouraging results. Many went on to stay together after working with me.

By investing in one of my programs, you will experience positive change and get tools, skills and advice that you can use for the rest of your life. My clients often report during their time with me that, not only is their intimate relationship better but so are other relationships such as those with children, friends and co-workers.

If you choose to give therapy a go and work with me to better your relationship, you also benefit from the thousands of hours I’ve invested in training and experience in this area. Rest assured, as one of the most qualified therapists in my field, I want the same positive results, that you crave.

New clients begin with a Relationship Clarity Session, where you get practical tools and advice along with a clear plan for moving forward together. Investment in a Relationship Clarity Session is $249. Ongoing programs begin at $999.

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