What if we can’t be fixed?

I’ve seen many couples on the brink of separation who chose to invest time, energy and attention in their relationship and went on to stay together in happy relationships. I understand that this is an investment of time and money without a guaranteed outcome. What you can be certain of is that you'll get proven, [...]

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How many sessions will I/we need?

The number of sessions you attend depends on the challenges you’re facing in your relationship. Although most people see noticeable changes from the very first session, to make lasting positive change in a relationship, requires more than just one session. The challenges you're facing have taken time to get to where they are - it [...]

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What exactly will we do in a session?

In the first session, I aim to fully understand your relationship and the challenges you’re facing. You'll also get practical tools and advice so you see an immediate benefit. I’ll also share with you a detailed plan of the different modules we’ll cover and how we move forward. In the past, people have told me [...]

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