Is my Vagina normal? And the disturbing trend of vagina cosmetic surgery

Over the last few weeks on Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast we’ve been talking about self-love and body image, because we know what a huge impact this can have on a woman’s confidence, mental health, her relationships and intimacy. I’m really passionate about women loving and accepting ALL of themselves and because, [...]

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Body Image + Body Love

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we continue our self love and body love series. Joining me today is Elysia Anketell who has dedicated her life to authentic expression, creativity, connection and owning and loving herself in all of her shades, shadows and colours. Raw vulnerability and openness encapsulate [...]

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Practicing Radical Self Love with Gina Swire

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, Gina Swire, a truly inspiring self love expert, speaker, author, mentor and manifesting queen joins me to share her journey to loving herself one million percent and shares her tips on how you can too! Gina is on a global mission to help [...]

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Love, Sex, Desire + Open Conversations

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we are joined by the wonderful Susana Frioni. Susana has been vocal in the space of sex, intimacy and desire for so long starting the ‘Love, Sex, Desire’ podcast five years ago.  We've been on each others' podcasts before - sharing similar views [...]

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Q + A with Isiah McKimmie and co-host, Bec Dent

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we open the floor to you, our amazing listeners, and answer the burning questions you've submitted on the website or through our Facebook page. We can’t get to them all in this episode, but there will be many more Q & A episodes [...]

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Being Open about Open Relationships

Part 2 of Open Relationships In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, I asked one of my team members, Bec Dent, to ask the burning questions the average person has around open relationships and how to navigate them. Our guests, Richelle and Jeremy are relationship experts, but have been [...]

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Polyamory, Open Relationships + Radical Honesty

How would you feel if the person you loved wanted a relationship with someone else? In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, Victoria Redbard joins me to discuss open relationships and polyamory. Victoria is a coach, counsellor, speaker, author, open relating expert and self pleasure activist. She has studied [...]

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Yoni Mapping | Isiah McKimmie with special guest Amy Towle

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, Amy Towle joins me to explain Yoni Massage/Mapping, sexuality as part of our spirituality, self-love and the cultural conditioning that women get taught around their sexuality. Yoni is a sanskrit word (pronounced yo-nee ) and refers to the female genitals as a [...]

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Talking Sexy- The power of talking dirty with your partner and tips on how to do it

  In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, Kate Toon joins me to dive into the art of talking dirty with your partner.   When Kate reached out to me and said she gave 'great pod' - and had worked on a sex chat line, I knew I had [...]

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All About Pleasure with Sarah Marie Liddle

Sarah Marie Liddle has been a Pleasure Coach for over a decade and in this episode I’m speaking with her not only about sexual pleasure but being open to all of life's pleasures. Pleasure can seem quite selfish – but if we re-frame our beliefs and let go of our association with “guilty pleasure” we [...]

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Why it’s okay to love Vanilla sex

In today’s episode I’m speaking with fellow sexologist, Lauren White. And we’re talking about something near and dear to both our hearts - women giving themselves permission to be sexual as they are - rather than trying to be something that they're not.Lauren recently published her first book, Permission, that speaks to this topic.She’s here [...]

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7 fun ways to increase your chance of reaching orgasm tonight

Hey loves - and welcome the penultimate podcast of Orgasm week! Today I’m answering a final question from someone in my community. She says: I have had orgasms before. Most of the time by myself and sometimes with my partner, but the thing is, I don’t always with him. It’s really frustrating. I don’t [...]

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