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The Gift of Being Different with Aesha Kennedy

I spoke with the beautiful Aesha Kennedy on her Brilliant Misfits Podcast about how I have never felt as if I fitted in (even as a child) BUT how I’ve turned that into a gift.You know I really believe that the world needs (and deserves) us to really “bring” and “share” our unique gifts and [...]

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Secrets of a Sexually Liberated Woman

Do you ever wish you could ‘let go’ during sex and really enjoy yourself? Feel relaxed around sex? Do you want it to be fun, adventurous or more playful? Want more pleasure?In today’s episode I want to share what it is that’s helped me on my journey to becoming a sexually empowered and liberated woman. I [...]

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Becoming sensually embodied + erotically empowered with Mitle Southey

One of the most important relationships we have (besides the one we have with ourselves) is with our partner. But life gets busy, we work so hard, we get stuck in a routine and, so often, we let our relationships fall into neglect.How do we get back in touch with ourselves - our wants, desires [...]

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Painful sex – What causes it + how to fix it

When my clients come to me experiencing painful sex, they often tell me they feel embarrassed and ashamed and like they can’t talk to anyone about it. I’m passionate about changing that. Challenges with sex or our genitals shouldn’t be treated any different to a challenge with any other part of our body. It’s biology - [...]

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Pleasure, Intimacy + Desire – The Truth Podcast

I believe giving ourselves permission to feel pleasure is so important. I recently had a wonderful conversation with the lovely Sarah McGahan on The Truth Podcast. Take a listen as Sarah and I chat openly about Pleasure, Intimacy & Desire, as we touch on: the dichotomy that exists between the ‘good woman’ and women [...]

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Nude Yoga and Body Confidence with Rosie Rees

I am super excited to be speaking to my guest today. She is a woman whose work I have admired for a long time and who is out there radically changing people’s lives. Rosie Rees is a Women’s Nude Yoga facilitator, a certified Kundalini & Hatha yoga teacher and a Relationship Coach. She is also [...]

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Squirting – The Facts, Myths and How To of Female Ejaculation

I first heard of female ejaculation or squirting early in my studies of Tantra. Like almost everything else I heard of at the time, I wanted to try it... and conquer it. Honestly, I'd been so shy, I felt like I'd been holding myself back sexually for so long. It was such a relief [...]

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Stacey Williams on the Sacral Chakra, Creativity + Sexuality

My gorgeous friend Stacey Williams, from Mind Interiors, reached out to chat to me about one of the Chakras - in particular, the Sacral Chakra. Despite the fact that I teach Tantra, I often don’t share on the Chakras, because I know they can seem esoteric - and I like to be really grounded [...]

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