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Where to start when you haven’t had sex in months – or even years

Sexual intimacy just doesn't seem to happen anymore. Perhaps it's been a month? A few months? Or maybe even a couple of years? It’s more common than most of us realise. We tend to think everyone else has a great relationship and sex life. We can think that there’s something wrong with us because [...]

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How Embodiment and Pleasure can help you in Love, Life and Business

  My journey to getting out of my head and learning to connect with my body led to an incredible turning point in my life. I was 22 and just discovered Tantric Yoga. I had never been very good at meditating. My mind seemed to actually get BUSIER every time I tried to sit [...]

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2 Questions to tell you whether it’s time to leave your relationship or commit to making it work.

You love your partner, but you seem to have more rough patches than good times lately.  You see the beauty in your partner and the good in the relationship, but you wonder if you’re just delaying the inevitable by staying together. You’re torn and unsure what to do.  Do you stay and try to [...]

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How to quickly ignite your sexual desire and deepen your pleasure

  Have you ever felt like you want to be intimate with your partner, but your body and pussy just don’t seem to be coming to the party? Maybe you mentally feel like sex but your body just isn’t showing physical signs of arousal, like lubrication. I think it’s probably happened to all of [...]

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How to get over a break up. With courage and grace.

  If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know that I recently experienced a breakup. While I’m (truly) feeling great now, breaking up is never easy. Like relationships, I see breakups as an opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow. I also believe that how we deal them can impact our next relationship and [...]

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How to find your secret pleasure zones

    When I was studying to become a sexologist, I learned some pretty interesting things… I always imagined my future career to include sharing all the fascinating practical tips and tricks I was discovering. Nowadays, as a fully qualified sex therapist and sexologist, I occasionally do that, but more often I teach people [...]

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How to get a man to go to Couples Therapy

  Truth: Women are more likely to be unsatisfied in our relationship than men. We’re also more likely to request or initiate Couples Therapy. While, to you, it can seem like the most practical thing in the world to get professional tools and advice for more understanding, harmony and happiness in your relationship, your [...]

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How to Tear Down Your Walls and Let Love In

    I’ve recently started dating again. It’s been really interesting… A few weeks ago, I met someone that I felt I could really have a connection with. For a couple of weeks, it was beautiful. But then something happened. I began noticing things that were ‘wrong’ with him and telling myself that it [...]

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Sex with Heart – The Art of Tantra Yoga explained.

    I first began practicing Tantra Yoga almost 10 years ago.  Discovering Tantra was like coming home to my heart.  It changed my life.  I find so often when I’m talking to people about Tantra, there is confusion about what exactly it is.  Tantra is close to my heart and lately I find [...]

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What to do when you don’t feel like sex…  but your partner does

  “I just wish I felt in the mood.” “I still love my partner, I just don’t feel the ‘urge’ anymore.” “Is there some kind of pill I can take?” “I enjoy it when we do do it, I just can’t make myself get started…” I know the pain of different desire levels around [...]

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How to open yourself to the deepest love of your life

    We all long for love, beauty. Deep, connected, soulful love. We want a companion. Someone we can trust. Someone we can grow with. But I don’t need to tell you that, do I? I’m watching two people close to me go through the whole ‘dating thing’ at the moment. Although I think [...]

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“I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm”

How can you tell if you’ve had an orgasm?  Do you ever feel like you’re close, but can’t quite get there?  Perhaps some women just can’t orgasm?  I know many  women struggle to or are unable to reach orgasm, but feel too embarrassed to talk to someone about it. Don’t worry – you’re really [...]

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6 Relationship habits all really happy long-term couples have

    We all tend to fall into a routine in long-term relationships. We make habits and rituals as a couple that help shape and define our lives together. Perhaps it’s going to breakfast on a Saturday morning, one partner making the bed while the other makes coffee or a particular way of celebrating [...]

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